Principia Legionis

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The Roman Army


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The name of this website is derived from the word principia which was employed in the Roman army to identify
military headquarters.

Roman Army segment contains information about the history of the Roman army, the organization, recruitment,
training practices, and military camps of Roman Legions (during the late first and early second centuries), and a list
of ancient and modern written sources (to assist those who wish to explore Roman military history in greater depth).
Every attempt has been made to ensure that site content is both accurate and descriptive.

Reencatment section (LXXX and Castra Aestiva) is targeted towards individuals interested in experiencing
Roman army life in the first century AD..

  • Legio XXX is a North American Roman re-enactment group that has been active since 2004. Its members
    represent a cross between living history enthusiasts and edutainers. They have participated in various history
    channel, movie trailer and automotive advertising film projects, been featured at the Museum of Civilization (in
    Gatineau, Quebec), Toronto’s Royal Ontario Museum (where they have appeared annually since 2011), public
    schools, and cultural as well as military time-line events. They have been included in Parks Canada
    advertisements and  highlighted (in a captioned photo) in The Complete Roman Legions (an authoritative
    work about  Rome’s 45 legions between the 1st and 3rd century AD by Nigel Pollard and Joanne Berry).

  • Castra Aestiva is a fortified encampment (visible on Google Earth) located near London, Ontario. Activities
    here have been ongoing since 2005. The castra hosts annual (non-public) events open to individuals and
    groups interested in the Roman world who seek an immersive/living history re-enactment experience.