Learn about the Roman Army

Rome produced the world’s first professional army.

Castra Aestiva and Castra Hiberna

The Roman army maintained summer camps during the campaign season and winter quarters for the balance of the year. A re-enactment facility near Tillsonburg Ontario allows re-enactors/edutainers to experience camp life in the first century A.D.

Legio XXX Ulpia Victrix

Legio XXX is a North American Roman re-enactment group that has been active since 2004. Its members represent a cross between living history enthusiasts and edutainers.


For Castra Aestiva and Castra Hiberna Roman training camp inquiries please email:

Titus Quartinius Saturnalus (Tom Ross) at:


For Legio XXX Ulpia Victrix re-enactment group inquiries please email:

Aquilifer Primus Marius Maximus (Robert Sacco) at