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Reenactment Groups

Legio XX
The XXth was founded in 1991, and its website is a comprehensive and reliable resource
concerning all aspects of the Roman military. It is highly recommended to all Roman re-enactors.

Legion XXIV (Media Atlantia Americus - Provincia Pennsylvania)
Legio XXIV is based out of Pennsylvania with a vexillio located in Michigan.

NOTE:  For a comprehensive list of re-enactment groups please consult  the Legio XX website
referred to above.

Sites of Interest

The Roman Baetica Route
The Roman Baetica Route was established in 1997 by the Government of Andalusia's Department
of Tourism. It showcases/features 13 cities in three Spanish provinces traversed by the via Augusta.
This initiative was launched in conjunction with the European Union's "Roman Routes of the
Mediterranean" Project. The Roman Baetica Route Office is located in the Alcazar de la Puerta de
Sevilla, s/n 41410, Carmona (Tel: 954-19 09 55; Fax: 954 19 00 80).

The Roman Hideout
This site contains information on reenactment groups, suppliers, news, publications and  

Roman Republic (Res Publica Romana)
The Roman Republic is a dynamic new online community platform where Roman-related groups
and those interested in Rome can come together meet one another, share ideas, and learn from
one another.


Tandy Leather
The Tandy Leather Company has been in business since 1919 and has over 82 locations in the
USA and Canada. Visit the company website for outlet details or to order a product catalogue.
2019 Completed Events

Saunders Secondary
School, London ON
29 Oct 2019

Royal Ontario Museum
Friday Night Live
Art, Culture, & Nature remixed
18 Oct 2019
Toronto, ON

Royal Canadian
Regiment Museum
06 Jul 2019
Wolseley Barracks
London, ON

Castra Aestiva XIV
Weekend of 25-26 May 2019
Legio XXX V V
(Roman soldier training)
Tillsonburg, ON.

Castra Aestiva - Fort
Tillsonburg, ON.

History Symposium
23 Mar 2019
London, ON.

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